Testimonials from Our Personal Injury Law Firm’s Clients

Our firm would be nothing if it weren’t for the amazing individuals we have the privilege of helping every day.One of the things that we have learned from our years of legal service is that we don’t have the power to help everybody; but if you come to us for help, you will get our expert abilities, experience, and our closest attention.

  • We know that you are coming because you need help.
  • We understand that you are probably injured or confused, and often both.
  • We want to give you what you need: Someone you can trust to do the things you can’t do yourself.

You can trust us. The individuals we have helped in the past will tell you that we are the best attorneys for your case. You an trust them to tell you why we are the right choice for you.

“Before working with Matt, I thought having to deal with a lawyer would be a nightmare and that I wouldn’t get anything out of it. But the settlement that they were able to get for me was amazing and exceeded my expectations. Going into it, I was afraid of suing someone, but Matt helped me understand that I wasn’t going after someone and their money. He explained that we would be working with the insurance companies to get things paid for and that the other person wouldn’t be losing anything because we had filed a lawsuit. Even when my case went all the way to trial, I learned I still wasn’t going after the person who hit me—that’s why the insurance companies are there. Matt was very helpful and always kept me up to date on my case. He did great research and the end result was awesome!”

Matt E.

“I want to thank Matt and his team for all of their hard work. I appreciated the regular updates throughout the process—I never felt as if I  was in the dark. The help and kindness of the entire staff was a most pleasant surprise, and the outcome of my case was wonderful! I would highly recommend Matt and Ken. They’ll fight your battles for you so that you come out a winner.”

Steven B.

“I was in a car accident where I was hit by a distracted driver and I didn’t know what to do. A friend recommended that I call Matt and I’m glad I did. Working with the insurance company was very frustrating and I was afraid to hire an attorney and seem money hungry and vindictive. But as my injuries persisted, I felt better about my decision to hire an attorney. My experience with the firm was great and I am much more aware of how the injury claims work thanks to Matt. He explained that I shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to get what I needed to recover from the crash. If it were not for him explaining things and encouraging me, I would have settled earlier and for far less and I’m so glad I didn’t.”

LaVi B.

“I chose to call Matt because I had just been in a wreck while I was riding my bike, and I saw that Matt’s firm focused specifically on cycling accidents. I thought it would be a good fit and I was right. This was my first experience with a lawyer, so I didn’t know what to expect. My first meeting was with Matt and I thought he was very professional. I was always kept up to date on my case by Matt’s team. I now feel that the lawyers at this firm are on your side and that they will make sure your problem is solved and that you are taken care of.”

Josh C.