Steps To Take After a Bike Accident



The shock and trauma suffered as a result of a serious cycling accident can be devastating. Serious injuries and damages often leave victims confused, stressed, and unsure of how to handle the situation. That is where we can help. At Hansen Injury Law, our attorneys are the experts on Idaho bicycle injury law and can help you understand what steps to take after a bike accident.


Compensation for bike accident injuries can often be difficult to pursue, especially if you choose not to hire an attorney. Certain factors can complicate your case if not dealt with correctly. Though we advise you to speak with one of our attorneys about the details of your accident, this information can help you know what steps to take after a bike accident.

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7 Things You Can Do To Help Your Bike Accident Case


If you have been injured in a bike accident, you may feel somewhat helpless. However, if you are physically able, there are some fairly simple things you can do that may end up saving your case for injury compensation.


1.Call the Police

Do not try to resolve the accident with the driver, especially if you have been injured. By calling the police, you will be able to give your side of the story. They will also provide an official police report, giving added validity to your case.

2. Get contact information from the at-fault driver

You need to be in contact with the driver that hit you throughout the entire process. If you choose to hire an attorney, they will also need this information to work with the driver and their insurance company to resolve your case.

3. Get contact information from any eyewitnesses

Eye witnesses are crucial, especially if the driver who hit you claims the accident was not their fault. They will provide validity to your story, which is important for the police report.

4. Take pictures of your injuries and damages to your bike

Proving that your injuries are indeed serious is very important for your case. The amount of compensation you receive often depends on how severe they are. Be sure to take pictures of your injuries soon after the accident and periodically throughout the recovery process.

5. Get immediate medical attention

Our number one concern is your health and safety. Once the police are on the scene and you have spoken with them, please get immediate medical care. If your injuries are extremely severe, go to the nearest hospital without delay after the accident.

6. Make sure the police hear your side of the story

If there were no eyewitnesses of the accident, it is very important that you give the police your side of the story. Too often the police never hear the cyclist’s story because they are on the way to the hospital, and therefore take the motorist’s word for it. At all costs, tell the police what really happened.

7. Contact an Idaho bicycle accident lawyer

There are many other complicated steps that must be taken in order for you to receive a personal injury statement. This process includes preparing and serving multiple subpoenas, interviewing eyewitnesses, and working with insurance companies. This may be a lot to handle on your own, and if not done correctly it can jeopardize your case. Though nothing is guaranteed, hiring a lawyer greatly increases your chances of receiving compensation.

Steps To Take After a Bike Accident

What Can I Be Compensated For?


If you follow these steps to take after a bike accident, your chances of winning a personal injury claim and being compensated for your injuries increases dramatically. Taking the time to speak with the police, talk to eyewitnesses, and hire an attorney can pay enormous dividends. Doing these things can potentially help compensate you for:

  • Physical injuries
  • Psychological and emotional trauma (PTSD, depression, etc.)
  • Fright and shock
  • Current and future medical bills
  • Any loss of current or future income and wages
  • Pain and suffering after the accident
  • Wrongful death
  • Property damage (bicycle, equipment, etc.)

All cases are different, and therefore require individual consideration. Contacting an Idaho bike accident lawyer can help you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and help you understand the steps to take after a bike accident.

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At Hansen Injury Law, we have worked with many bike accident victims and know firsthand the pain and devastation that a serious accident can cause. Navigating life after an accident can be challenging for anyone, and that is where we can help you. We are the experts on Idaho bike accident injury law, and can walk you through the steps to take after a bike accident that can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

If you have been injured in a bike accident and aren’t sure what to do next, contact Hansen Injury Law to schedule a free and confidential case consultation to discuss your options. We will work together to get you through this stressful and uncertain time in your life.

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