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A traffic crash happens every 21.9 minutes in the state of Idaho, according to a report from the Idaho Department of Transportation. In those collisions, a person gets hurt every 39.8 minutes and one person suffers a fatal injury every 40.6 hours. In other words, auto accidents occur frequently in Idaho and threaten to destroy the life of an injury victim. You should be able to count on your insurance company to provide you with fair compensation. After all, if you have been paying State Farm your monthly premiums on time for years or even decades, you might believe that State Farm is on your side.

However, neither State Farm nor any other auto insurance company in Idaho has the best interests of the insured at heart. Instead, State Farm—like other auto insurance companies—wants to do anything it can in order to keep costs down. This often means denying auto insurance claims. In some situations, insurance companies are permitted to deny claims due to minor errors made by the insured during the claims process, or because the insured admitted to fault at some point during a conversation with an insurance company representative. In other situations, however, a claim may be denied in bad faith.

It is important to understand how to properly file a claim, what to do if you claim has been denied, and what it means for a claim to be denied in bad faith under Idaho law. An Idaho State Farm insurance attorney can help with your case.

Reasons Why State Farm Insurance Claims Can Be Denied

There are many different reasons that State Farm can deny your auto insurance claim. At Hansen Injury Law, we know that learning your claim has been denied can be demoralizing and even devastating if you are relying on the insurance claim money to cover hospital bills and expenses for your family as a result of lost wages. An article in Quote Wizard suggests that some of the following are the most common reasons that auto insurance claims get denied:

  • Insured has not paid his or her premiums, and as such the policy has lapsed;
  • Insured did not properly understand the language of the policy and submitted a claim for something that was not covered by the premium she was paying;
  • Insurance company has determined that the insured was at fault, and because the policy only covers liability and not comprehensive collision coverage, the insured is not eligible for compensation;
  • Insured failed to report the auto accident within the required amount of time specified in the policy;
  • Insured was cited for impaired driving at the time of the collision or admitted to impaired driving during a conversation with an insurance company representative;
  • An excluded driver (someone in your household, for instance) was driving the car but was not listed properly on the policy;
  • Insurance claim included a fraudulent claim;
  • Claim goes beyond the policy limits in your auto insurance policy;
  • Liability is disputed, meaning that the insurance adjuster or the insurance company more generally believes the insured may have been at fault even though she says otherwise; and/or
  • Insured failed to obtain immediate medical attention, leading her injuries to worsen, according to the insurance company.

In many cases, denied insurance claims result from disputed liability over the motor vehicle crash, or the insured made a comment about her own subjective beliefs concerning the crash that led the insurance company to believe the insured may have been at fault. It is extremely important to be careful about what you say to a State Farm representative or to a State Farm insurance adjuster. Any statements you make—even offhand comments—that can be interpreted to mean that you were liable in some way for the accident can lead to a denied claim. This is why it is extremely important to begin working with an experienced Idaho car accident insurance lawyer at the very start of your case.

However, just because your claim has been denied does not mean that you cannot appeal. An aggressive personal injury attorney at Hansen Injury Law can get started on your appeal just as soon as you contact us.

When Bad Faith Plays a Role in a Denied State Farm Insurance Claim

In some cases, your insurance claim may be denied due to bad faith. Insurance companies have a duty to make an effort to settle claims fairly and to act in good faith with regard to insurance claims they receive. Under Idaho Code § 41-1329, unfair claims settlement practices can take many different forms, including but not limited to:

  • Misrepresentation about information in the insurance policy;
  • Failure to act on a claim in a reasonable amount of time;
  • Refusal to pay an insurance claim without conducting an investigation;
  • Failure to deny coverage within a reasonable amount of time;
  • Attempt to settle an auto insurance claim for less than a reasonable person would accept as fair;
  • Unreasonable delay in the investigation of a claim; and/or
  • Failure to provide a clear explanation about the reason a claim has been denied.

When you file an insurance claim, you should be able to expect that the insurance company will act as it is supposed to under Idaho law and that it will make a good faith effort to settle your claim in a timely manner and for an amount that is reasonable. In addition, you should be able to expect that an insurance company will not deny your claim out of a sheer attempt to avoid paying you when the insurance company knows you deserve compensation, and you should also be able to expect that the insurance company will conduct a full investigation into your claim.

Appeal Your Denied State Farm Insurance Claim with the Help of a State Farm Auto Insurance Claim Denial Attorney in Idaho

You have the right to appeal a denied State Farm insurance claim, and an aggressive Idaho attorney for State Farm auto insurance claim denials can begin work on your case today. We have years of experience assisting car accident victims who have not received fair treatment from the insurance company. Contact Hansen Injury Law to learn more about the services we provide to Idaho residents.

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