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Car accidents remain a major public safety problem in Idaho. According to the most recent data collected and published by the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD), nearly 25,000 people were injured in crashes in the state in 2015. Accidents can happen at any time and in any community. Indeed, in Rigby alone, there were 73 different motor vehicle crashes reported to ITD in 2015. Of those, 18 accidents were reported to have resulted in injuries. Idaho car accident victims deserve fair compensation for their damages. If you or a loved one was hurt in a crash, please contact an experienced Rigby auto accident lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Idaho Car Accident Claims: The Top Five Mistakes You Must Avoid

Sadly, far too many Rigby auto accident victims fail to recover the full and fair compensation that they deserve under the law. The main reason for this is that victims often make avoidable mistakes in the weeks and months following their crash. Here, our team has put together a list of the top five mistakes that you must avoid in order to maximize your financial recovery.

  • Not Visiting a Doctor: You need to seek a professional medical evaluation as soon as possible after an accident. Beyond protecting your health and well-being, this is necessary to protect the status of your legal claim. Without valid supporting medical documentation and records, you will simply not be able to obtain the compensation you deserve.  
  • Admitting Fault: You should never admit that you were at fault for your own crash. It is not your job to determine who was at fault. Unfortunately, many aggressive drivers, and insurance adjusters will try to wrongfully push fault on injured victims. Let your lawyer address the issue of fault. You can only hurt your case by admitting fault.
  • Speaking to Insurance Adjusters: Insurance adjusters are trained to come across as friendly and accommodating over the telephone. Often, they will try to take a casual tone, and may tell you that they are simply interested in “learning more about your accident and your injuries”. Please be sure to always keep your guard up. The insurance company representatives are not on your side. Their job is to find information that they can use against you. Do not speak to an insurance adjuster until you have first consulted with an attorney.
  • Thoughtlessly Signing Documents: If the insurance company sends you a form or document, please do not sign it without first getting it to your lawyer for a comprehensive review. Whether it is a release for your medical records, or a final settlement agreement, your lawyer will be able to determine if signing that form is actually in your best interests.
  • Waiting to Hire an Attorney: Finally, the single biggest mistake that car accident victims make is trying to go through the claims process on their own. Idaho car accident claims are notoriously complex. You need to get a qualified attorney by your side as soon as possible after your crash.  

Proving Auto Accident Liability in Idaho

Idaho operates under comparative negligence rules. To hold a party liable for your Rigby car accident damages, you will need to prove that their negligence contributed to your crash. Negligence is the failure to take adequate care in a given situation. Some common examples of driver negligence include:

  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Reckless driving;
  • Running red lights or stop signs;
  • Failing to adjust for road conditions;
  • Making a lane change without looking; and
  • Driving with inadequate skill.

Of course, drivers are not the only parties that might bear liability for a motor vehicle accident. In some cases, a manufacturer, or even a government entity, may be held liable. Ultimately, any party whose misconduct contributed to a crash can be held financially responsible for that crash. Further, two or more parties may share liability for the same accident. When this occurs, liability will be apportioned in accordance with each party’s level of blame for the crash. For example, if a driver is found to be 30 percent responsible for a crash that resulted in $10,000 in total damages, then that driver will be held financially responsible for $3,000 of damages, or 30 percent of the total damages.

Victims Deserve Fair Compensation

In Idaho, injured victims have a legal right to be made ‘whole’. Put another way, victims have a right to be placed back in the same position that they would have been in had no accident ever occurred. Of course, since this is not actually possible in a literal sense, victims are entitled to recover monetary compensation that is ‘equivalent’ in value to their damages. Both economic and noneconomic damages are entitled to financial relief. Specifically, Idaho car accident victims may be able to recover for:

  • Vehicle damages;
  • Medical bills, including emergency room fees;
  • Expenses associated with physical or psychological rehabilitation;
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity;
  • Pain and suffering; and
  • Loss of lifestyle enjoyment.

How Much Does a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

It is normal for victims to be worried about the cost of obtaining legal representation. After all, lawyers are expensive, right? This is actually a common misconception. Our team of highly qualified car accident attorneys can handle your case without taking any money out of your pocket. This is because we take on all cases using contingency fee agreements. In other words, we recoup our legal fee as a percentage of your settlement offer or injury verdict. If you do not recover financially, then our team does not get paid. That is how confident we are that we will be able to help you. We are more than willing to take on all of the risks associated with bringing your legal claim.

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