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With abundant snow and wide, open spaces, Idaho is a great place for skiing, snowboarding, and other winter sports. But sometimes, accidents happen while skiing and a day of recreation becomes disastrous. If you have been injured in a skiing or snowboarding accident caused by another’s negligence or wrongdoing, you may be able, with the help of an Idaho ski accident lawyer lawyer, to recover damages through a personal injury claim.

Common Skiing Accident Injuries

Skiing injuries can happen in many different ways. Common accidents leading to skiing injuries include:

  • Collisions with another skier or snowboarder who has lost control;
  • Collisions with snowmobiles, snow-cats, or other machinery;
  • Defective or dangerous equipment;
  • Ski lift failure;
  • The negligent operation of ski lifts or other equipment; and
  • Employee or lift operator error, whether caused by negligence or lack of training.

Depending on the cause of your accident, there are several parties who may be liable for damages compensating you for your injuries. Other skiers or snowboarders, the ski resort or its employees, or equipment manufacturers may all be legally responsible.

Idaho Law

Idaho has several laws governing the responsibilities of skiers and ski resort operators and determining who is liable for a skier’s injuries. Ski resorts have responsibilities including:

  • Marking trail entrances;
  • Maintaining trail boards displaying the network of slopes and each slope’s difficulty;
  • Maintaining ski lifts in accordance with safety standards;
  • Providing notice of snowmaking operations on any open slope; and
  • Providing a ski patrol system.

However, ski resorts have no responsibility to eliminate or lessen the inherent risks of skiing.

Passengers on ski lifts must behave responsibly, boarding and disembarking only at designated areas, not dropping objects off the lift, and using safety devices. Skiers have legal responsibility for any injuries they suffer resulting from the inherent risks of skiing, including:

  • Slides and avalanches;
  • Deep snow;
  • Trees, rocks, and bare spots; and
  • Plainly visible, marked snowmaking equipment.

They also have the responsibility to know their own abilities and choose a slope of the appropriate difficulty. Further, they are prohibited from placing objects on the slopes that may cause others to fall or trip.

If the ski resort fails to fulfill its obligations, it will be held liable for any resultant injuries. But if a skier is not acting responsibly according to the law, the skier, rather than the resort, will be legally responsible.

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