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In the last year, Polaris has sent out a total recall of all RZR and Recreational Off-Highway vehicles (ROVs) because of multiple spontaneous engine combustion accidents. Unfortunately, these problems present serious burn and fire dangers to passengers. While no severe injuries or deaths have been recorded at this point, it is still extremely likely that such an accident could occur.

Polaris released a statement explaining the nature of the problem. According to reports,The vehicle engine can misfire and the temperatures of the exhaust and nearby components can get too hot and cause the components to melt, and/or a contaminated brake master cylinder may cause unintended brake drag, posing burn and fire hazards” (Cited from Polaris article linked below).

Due to the dangerous potential of these accidents, Polaris strongly cautions owners to stop using these vehicles immediately and contact the company for a free repair. Polaris should also be contacting you directly. For more information about this recall and more details about the problem, please visit the following page.

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Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV Burn Accident Lawyer

Likely RZR and ROV Explosion Accident Injuries


If you are the owner of an RZR or ROV Polaris vehicle and the victim of an explosion accident, the consequences could be severe. Such an accident would not only inflict significant property damage, but may also cause serious injuries. Potential injuries from a spontaneous combustion accident could include:

  • Painful burns
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Damaged vision
  • Damaged hearing
  • Psychological effects such as PTSD and anxiety
  • Head and neck injuries (as the result of a vehicle malfunction and crash)
  • Broken bones

This is not a complete list by any means, and if you have sustained any type of injury from a Polaris explosion you may qualify for personal injury compensation to help you recover. If so, we encourage you to contact an Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV burn accident lawyer at Hansen Injury Law immediately.

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Why Should You Hire an Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV Burn Accident Lawyer?


Injuries that occur from an explosion or fire can often be very damaging, and may leave you with devastating injuries that can be both expensive to treat and leave you without the ability to work. However, depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be eligible for personal injury compensation. For this reason we strongly suggest speaking with and hiring a lawyer shortly after your accident. An experienced Idaho accident lawyer can help you start a claim that could compensate you for:

  • Current medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages and income
  • Property Damage (Polaris should provide this compensation)

Understanding a personal injury claim can be very confusing, and a large corporation like Polaris may try to take advantage of you by stalling a settlement or ignoring your case altogether. That is why we advise hiring an Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV burn accident lawyer. Doing could make your recovery less stressful, assist you in dealing with Polaris, and help you feel financially stable during an uncertain time.

Steps To Take After a Polaris RZR or ROV Explosion Accident


Your course of action following a serious accident is very important, as it can have a large impact on your recovery process and personal injury claim. While we cannot remove all difficulty from the process, taking the following steps can help make it just a little easier.


  • Seek immediate medical care

    • Our primary concern is your safety and well-being. If you have been involved in a Polaris explosion accident, you may have sustained painful burn or other injuries. In this situation, get medical attention without delay.
  • Survey the Damage and Call Polaris

    • As advised by Polaris in their cited statement, you should contact them immediately in the event of such an accident. To provide them with an acceptable account of the damage, you need to make an accurate report of what happened. This may include taking photos of the accident and your injuries to help prove the severity of the accident.
  • Speak to an Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV Burn Accident Lawyer

    • Working with a large company on a personal injury case can be challenging. Your case can easily be ignored or lost, and it is likely that they will try to take advantage of you in order to avoid a long, costly lawsuit. To help you avoid this situation, we advise contacting an experienced Idaho accident lawyer at Hansen Injury Law to help you make a successful personal injury claim.
Idaho Polaris RZR and ROV Burn Accident Lawyer

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