Idaho Motorcycle Accidents and Statistics: Injuries and Fatalities


In 2015, the total number of Idaho motorcycle accidents increased by 7%, while the total number of motorcycle fatalities increased by 12%. Additionally, 88% of all Idaho accidents involving a motorcycle in 2015 resulted in some form of injury to those involved.

While these numbers are staggering and certainly unfortunate, it is important to understand what drivers and especially motorcyclists can do to avoid and prevent accidents and injuries. This article will present the most recent data of injuries and fatalities caused by Idaho motorcycle accidents, as well as offer advice on how to prevent and reduce them.

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Injuries: By The NumbersIdaho motorcycle accidents

  • In 2015, there were 546 accidents involving motorcycles. Of those accidents, 174 resulted in serious or life threatening injuries. This was nearly 32% of all crashes.
  • Of all accidents, 225 resulted in visible injuries, with an additional 131 resulting in possible injuries. This was about 65% of all accidents.
  • In 2015, out of the 546 Idaho motorcycle accidents that occurred, only 347 involved motorcyclists who were wearing helmets. At about 57%, that is more than half of all accidents, making lack of helmet use among motorcyclists a significant contributing factor to the number of serious injuries. 

Fatalities: By The Numbers

  • Out of the 546 Idaho motorcycle accidents in 2015, 28 resulted in fatalities.
  • Of all motorcycle crashes, 9% involved impaired motorcyclists, while 54% of fatal motorcycle accidents involved impaired motorcyclists.
  • Fatal motorcycle accidents increased by 12% in 2015.
  • Of all motorcyclists killed in accidents in 2015, 64% were at or above the age of 40.

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What Causes Idaho Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries?


Motorcycle accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. However, there are several causes of motorcycle accidents that are most prevalent on Idaho’s roads.

Car Blind Spots

Many drivers struggle with the difficult blind spots on their vehicles. Seeing other cars from these spots can be challenging enough, making motorcycle visibility almost twice as hard. Lack of visibility is a major cause of Idaho motorcycle accidents because motorcycles are much smaller than standard vehicles.

Sharp turns

Taking sharp turns can be difficult for any driver, but especially motorcyclists. Because motorcycles weigh less and have fewer tires, they are often more difficult to control. This makes sharp turns in any direction a serious hazard.

Objects in the road

The light weight and low tire quantity of motorcycles also make them extremely susceptible to accidents caused by objects or obstacles on the road. Stones, branches, and other objects, though harmless to a standard car, can easily change the path of a motorcycle and cause its driver to quickly lose control.

Lack of Helmet Use

As the data for Idaho motorcycle accidents in 2015 shows, only a little more than half of all those involved in a motorcycle accident were wearing a helmet. Do not take this piece of protection for granted. Your life literally depends on it.

Drinking and Riding

Believe it or not, drunk driving laws also apply to motorcyclists. Controlling a motorcycle requires and great deal of close attention, and the influence of alcohol will only make this task more difficult and jeopardize the safety of everyone on the road.  

What Can You Do to Prevent Idaho Motorcycle Accidents and Injuries?


Make Yourself Visible

As a motorcyclist, you must understand that it is difficult for vehicles to see you. Though that does not excuse them from causing accidents, do what you can to make yourself as visible as possible, especially at night. Make sure that your lights and reflectors are working properly, and avoid wearing dark clothing at night.

Ride With Control

Do not get careless while on your motorcycle. Oftentimes, motorcycle accidents caused by objects in the road occur because the driver failed to ride with care. Obey the speed limit, avoid making dangerous passes on cars, and heed general traffic signs and other cautions on the road, especially at night and in poor weather. 

Wear a Helmet

The statistics speak for themselves. It is simply too dangerous to get on a motorcycle without first putting on a durable helmet. Though this may not prevent an accident, it can certainly reduce the injuries and fatalities that so often occur.

Don’t Drink and Ride

Simply put, do not consume any amount of alcohol if you are planning to ride your motorcycle. Just as you would and should do with any standard vehicle, please drink and ride responsibly. Impaired driving significantly increases the likelihood of an accident, and in turn of an injury or fatality. 

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Though taking such precautions will surely keep you safer on the road, we understand that you still can be seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. As the numbers show, motorcycle accidents in Idaho occur all too frequently. 

We also understand that these injuries can be extremely painful and costly, inflicting physical, mental, and financial damage on you and your family. At Hansen Injury Law, we have represented and continue to represent real victims who have suffered motorcycle accident injuries, and are confident that we can help you reach a maximum settlement that will ease those burdens.

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Information courtesy of the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety.