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Last November, 57 year old Jim Hinchliff was accidentally killed in a hunting accident in Shoshone County. According to police, Hinchliff was hunting in an area of “thick brush, steep terrain” and was not wearing any bright orange clothing when he was accidentally shot by his hunting partner with a high powered rifle. For more on this story, visit

This story is a tragic one, and as hunting season gets underway in Idaho, it is important that precautions are taken in order to avoid similar accidents. Fortunately, not all hunting accidents result in death, but can still leave victims with serious, life altering injuries. That is where we can help. At Hansen Injury Law, we know that many Idaho residents are outdoor enthusiasts, especially when it comes to hunting and shooting. If you have been injured during such an activity, an Idaho hunting accident lawyer can help you make a case for potential injury compensation that will help you recover. The following information will help hunters understand potential risks, how to avoid accidents, and what to do if one occurs.

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Idaho Hunting Rules and Regulations


Before you set out on your hunt this fall, be sure to remember the requirements that each hunter must meet in order to do so legally. These rules are in place not only for your safety, but the safety of other hunters as well.


  • Take a Hunter Education and Safety Class

    • If you are a first time hunter and were born after January 1st, 1975, you need to complete this class to be eligible to purchase a hunting license. This can can be done at
  • Purchase an Idaho hunting license

    • In order to do so, you need to be at least 9 years old and complete the hunter education course (if your age requires it). Annual licenses cost only about $12.75. Make sure to carry this with you at all times during your hunt.
  • Obtain a Tag

    • Idaho offers what are called general and controlled hunts. For general hunts, tags are distributed on a first come, first serve basis to licensed hunters. Hunters need to apply for controlled hunts, the tags for which are distributed by a random drawing. Be sure to check which category your hunt falls under so that you can take the necessary steps to obtain a tag.
Idaho Hunting Accident Lawyer

Idaho Hunting Safety Tips

Hunting accidents can be tragic. However, they are also very avoidable. Whether you are hunting or simply out enjoying nature, be sure to follow these safety tips in order to avoid any type of accident. A more complete list from the U.S. forest service can be found here.

  • Hunters

    • Be familiar with the area you want to hunt
    • Wear hunter orange viewable from all directions
    • Check hunting equipment before and after your hunt, and be sure to maintain it properly (especially hunting rifles)
    • Carry a first aid kit at all times
    • Clearly identify your target before shooting
    • Stay alert while hunting near more developed areas and hiking trails
    • During deer and elk season, avoid wearing white or tan
    • If hunting with a partner or group, know where all members are at all times. Do not take a shot until you have identified their positions.
  • Non-hunters

    • Make yourself very visible by wearing bright colors such as red, orange, and yellow.
    • Make noise while camping or hiking to alert potential hunters of your position
    • If you do hear shooting, make yourself known by raising your voice to let hunters know you are in the area.
    • If hunting makes you nervous, hike or camp somewhere where hunting is not permitted. State parks are a good option, and most areas do not permit Sunday hunting.
    • If you have a dog with you, make sure it is wearing a bright orange vest

Though taking these precautions will certainly decrease the risk of a hunting accident, they may occur regardless. If you find yourself a victim or witness of a harmful hunting accident or accidental gun discharge, contact an Idaho hunting accident lawyer as soon as you are physically able to discuss a case for injury compensation.

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Evident from the recent tragedy of Mr. Hinchliff, hunting accidents are a real threat and can be deadly. Though they are preventable, serious injuries and even death may occur, leaving you and your loved ones in a difficult situation. Costly medical bills, rehabilitation, and time away from work can result in physical, emotional, and financial stress that you may not know how to cope with. That is where we can help.

At Hansen Injury law, we work frequently with real victims of such accidents, and know the immense suffering they can cause. However, talking to an experienced Idaho hunting accident lawyer can help you secure compensation you deserve that will help you recover from your injuries. We will meet with you personally, review your options, and help you get the process started. If you have been injured in a hunting accident and sustained serious injuries, contact an Idaho hunting accident lawyer at Hansen Injury Law today to schedule your free case consultation and start your healing process.