Pool Safety In Idaho

Why Strive for Pool Safety in Idaho?

We are quickly approaching pool season! That time when the weather is hot, the lemonade is sweet, and nothing sounds better than a dip in the cool blue water. Despite what sounds like a relaxing pool visit, it is crucial to remember to create a environment of pool safety. Statistics show that across the United States an average of ten people die from drowning each day. In fact, drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional death in the United states, especially for children.

For every child that drowns, five more children sustain pool-related injuries. Therefore, doing all we can to minimize risks around the pool this season will help you and your loved ones safe.

There are simple ways you can minimize risks and create pool safety. These range from refraining from running near water to taking swim lessons.

Ensure Supervision

Children often drown or need lifeguard assistance while the parent is only a couple feet away. Adults experiencing an emergency and who are alone also can be at risk of drowning or injury. Ensuring adequate supervision is essential to pool safety.

  • Always swim with a buddy or in a lifeguard supervised area
  • Always be an arms length away from your child
  • Keep careful eyes on children

Learn About Pool Safety in Idaho

Educating yourself and others about pool safety rules can save lives and prevent injury. These pool safety rules can vary based on your facility but may include:

  • No running on the deck
  • Listening to lifeguard instruction
  • Teaching your children to call for help
  • No diving in shallow water
  • Wearing coast-guard approved life jackets
  • Wearing adequate sunscreen
  • Staying hydrated

Learn to Swim

Learning to swim is very important if you plan to be around any body of water. Find a Red Cross class near you today: http://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/swimming/learn-to-swim-providers

Lake and River Safety

Boating and river rafting can be popular in the Idaho summer season. Some lakes and rivers, however, can be too cold to swim in even during the warm summer summer months and can be more hazardous than they appear in bad weather. Follow guidelines for staying safe while boating:

  1. Be aware of weather
  2. Use common sense
  3. Use Coast-Guard approved life jackets
  4. Avoid alcohol
  5. Learn to swim
  6. Have oars on board

If Safety Fails This Summer

At Hansen Injury Law, we hope that you enjoy your summer with awareness of pool safety. However, we know that even when you’re trying to do everything right, things can still go wrong. If you are injured at the pool or anywhere else due to the carelessness of another in Idaho, please contact us.

Compensation for medical treatment, pain and suffering, and time out of enjoying any activity can be available to you. We care about the safety of the Idaho community, and should you come to us with a case, we will diligently work to ensure that your case receives the time and care it deserves.

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