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Everyone makes mistakes while driving. We all are guilty at one time or another. Unfortunately, there are some common driving habits that can lead to serious accidents. At Hansen Injury Law Firm, we regularly represent car accident victims and see the consequences of these dangerous habits. We strive to promote road safety so that less people in Idaho have to deal with the stresses of injuries and accident cases. This post identifies 5 common bad driving habits that often lead to serious accidents.

5 Bad Driving Habits and Their Dangers

These are just some of the bad driving habits that can cause accidents. They are certainly not the only ones. Always practice defensive driving and stay cautious on the road.

  • Drifting Into Other Lanes During Turns

This is one habit that can quickly cause accidents. If you are turning at an intersection with two turning lanes, make sure that you stay in one lane throughout the turn. If you start in the inside lane, you should finish your turn in the inside lane. Drifting between lanes often causes collisions.

  • Braking Hard and Unexpectedly

There are a lot of situations in which this may happen. You may nearly miss a turn or change your mind about where you want to go. However, stopping too suddenly can lead to a rear-end accident. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to brake, try to do so slowly or find an alternate route to your destination.

  • Not Using Turn Signals

On a related note, neglecting your turn signals can lead to rear-end accidents, as well. Your turn signals let the cars behind you know that you will be slowing down, sometimes to a near or full stop. If they don’t know this beforehand, you may find yourself in an accident.

  • Speeding Up Through a Yellow Light

It may seem harmless, but accelerating through yellow lights can be dangerous. Bad driving habits like this cause a lot of intersection accidents. If you are approaching a light and it turns yellow, slow down and prepare to stop.

  • Texting and Driving

We have all heard countless times to not text and drive. There is a reason why people talk about it so much — it is seriously dangerous. Always maintain total focus while you are driving. If you need to text, pull over.

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