Today, March 20th, is the International Day of Happiness. There are so many events and activities throughout each day that affect our happiness. Driving is a great example of this. Courteous driving can help prevent road rage, which in turn will promote happiness on the road. At Hansen Injury Law, we care about contributing to public safety in our state, so this post identifies some ways to practice courteous driving in Idaho.

Tips for Courteous Driving in Idaho

These are some of the best habits that lead to courteous driving in Idaho, or wherever you happen to be driving.

  • Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles

You never know what other drivers may do. If you drive too close and they make an unexpected move, you may find yourself in an accident.

  • Don’t block an intersection 

Blocking an intersection can be illegal depending on the situation. But it is always a courteous move to leave the intersection open, and will help minimize the risk of road rage.

  • In a parking lot, don’t park too close to cars 

Parking lots can be stressful places, and making sure you are within the lines will help prevent potentially tense situations with other drivers.

  • If you see someone on the side of the road who needs help, call 911

They likely have already done this themselves, but you never know. They may be preoccupied in a stressful situation.

  • Use your turn signals

Using your turn signals is one of the best ways to practice courteous driving in Idaho. Rear-end accidents can result from not signalling turns.

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