Many people in Idaho work in agriculture, manufacturing, and outdoors industries. These jobs are essential to the state and national economy, but they can be risky and cause injuries. Unfortunately, there are many work-related injuries and deaths each year in Idaho. Nearly 5,000 people died in work-related injuries across the United States in 2015, and many of these deaths occurred during work that is common in Idaho. At Hansen Injury Law, we are dedicated to helping Idahoans avoid serious accidents of all kinds. So, this post identifies some of the most dangerous jobs in Idaho.

Most Dangerous Jobs in Idaho: From Fishing to Logging

Some of the most dangerous jobs in Idaho include the following:

  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Fishing
  • Logging

Mining and logging are some of Idaho’s oldest industries, and also some of the most dangerous. Logging has been in some Gem State families for generations. Unfortunately, these jobs can easily lead to injury and even death. Huge trees,rocks, and machinery are unpredictable and powerful forces. They can quickly cause accidents. Extreme caution is very important while dangers like these are present.

Agricultural jobs like farming and fishing can also be very dangerous. Unfortunately, heavy equipment and unpredictable forces of nature often lead to serious accidents. Additionally, working with powerful animals can also quickly turn dangerous. It is important to always keep safety precautions at the forefront of your mind. Injuries can quickly put you out of work, and cause financial strain. However, a personal injury attorney can help you recover your losses.

Injured in Idaho? Hansen Injury Law Can Help

Work-related injuries can seriously affect a person’s life. They can lead to huge medical bills and lost income. Fortunately, Hansen Injury Law Firm is here to help you. You may be able to receive compensation in a personal injury case. We can help you build a successful case.

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