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When we watch some our favorite movies, we don’t often think of how dangerous filming them can be. While Hollywood movie sets follow many safety precautions, accidents happen just like they do anywhere else. Movie injuries are sometimes even visible in the scenes we watch. This post identifies some movie injuries that happened on the sets of notable films.

Notable Movie Injuries

Accidents cause significant injuries during the filming of many movies. Here are some examples of recent movie injuries on set:

  • Roar 

This movie was made in 1981 but not fully released in the United States until 2015. Filming included over 150 untrained animals such as lions and tigers. These animals really attacked the actors in scenes that appear in the final movie. In one scene, a character tries to break up a fight between two male lions and gets a claw through his hand. The actor, Noel Marshall, completed the scene through the pain.

  • Now You See Me

This movie about bank robbery and magic is highly entertaining, but one of its actresses suffered a nearly fatal accident during filming. Isla Fisher nearly drowned while filming a scene in a water chamber.

  • Django Unchained

In this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio plays a depraved slave owner. In one scene, he slams his hand on a table, and DiCaprio accidentally sliced his hand open with a piece of glass when he did this. However, he kept on with the scene and his bloody hand appears in the film.

  • Iron Man 3

When filming this popular movie, star Robert Downey Jr. injured his ankle. The film’s production waited over a month for Downey, Jr. to recover from his injury so that he could complete his scenes.

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