Presidents of the United States are just as human as anyone else, and sometimes get injured. However, being the most powerful person in the world usually means your injuries end up on the news. This post identifies some interesting presidential injuries in our country’s history.

Presidential Injuries Through History

  • Andrew Jackson shot in the chest 

President Jackson has a reputation for his short temper. For example, he liked to duel.  Once, a man insulted him, so Jackson challenged him to a duel. The man shot the President near the heart, but Jackson survived and won the duel. However, he suffered pain from the bullet wound for the rest of his life.

  • Barack Obama elbowed in the mouth

One of President Obama’s favorite activities is playing basketball. During one pickup game, the Director of Programs at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Rey Decerega, elbowed the president in the mouth. Both Obama and Decerega ended up getting stitches.

  • Bill Clinton tears a knee

While visiting golfer and good friend Greg Norman in Australia, President Clinton tore a major knee tendon after stepping awkwardly on stairs. He did not go under during surgery, in which case the Vice President would take over as acting commander-in-chief until the President woke up.

  • Jimmy Carter collapses while running

While running a tough 6.2-mile race in the Catoctin Mountains, President Jimmy Carter collapsed. Luckily, the Secret Service caught him. Medical staff diagnosed heat exhaustion and declared the President healthy, who then handed out trophies to other race participants.

  • George W. Bush chokes on a pretzel

President George W. Bush once choked on a pretzel while watching a football game in the White House. He was briefly unconscious due to lack of air, but he recovered quickly.

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