Speeding is unsafe, but unfortunately, it is somewhat normal on the road. Drivers regularly push a few miles past the limit and think that is a “normal speed.” According to government statistics, more than a quarter of road deaths are related to speeding. At Hansen Injury Law, we regularly represent clients injured in these types of crashes. This post outlines Idaho speed limit laws to help you keep yourself and other drivers and passengers safe.

Basics of Idaho Speed Limit Laws

There are some common questions about speed limit laws. Most of them revolve around how strict the laws are and what possible penalties exist. Here are some quick answers to these questions.

  • Can I drive 5 mph over?

Since different factors can affect a car’s actual speed, officers may not give tickets if you are on the borderline. That being said, they can still give you one if their radar says you are above the speed limit. It is best to stay at or under the speed limit. This protects you from tickets, and yourself and others from serious accidents.

However, you need to consider the weather, as well. Idaho law says that drivers should not drive faster than is “reasonable and prudent” given the conditions at the time. In other words, if you are driving 70 mph on the highway in a blizzard, you could still be cited for driving too fast.

  • Penalties for speeding

Idaho speed limit laws allow for several levels of penalties and fines. Depending on how fast you were driving, tickets for speeding can be between $34-100. Court costs and taxes can bring that ticket to between $90-155. In addition to fines, you could have your license suspended or even face jail time if your speeding was reckless.

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Speeding is not just about tickets. It can put innocent people in serious danger. If you are injured in a car accident because someone else was speeding, you may be eligible for compensation in an accident case. The car accident attorneys at Hansen Injury Law know how to help you get the settlement you deserve.

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