Motorcycle accidents can cause serious injuries and death. Many people die in Idaho motorcycle accidents each year. High-speed crashes with little protection are a recipe for disaster. At Hansen Injury Law, we represent motorcyclists injured by negligent drivers. If you are injured on your motorcycle, an injury claim can help you recover your damages and medical costs. This post outlines exactly what to do after an accident.

Idaho Motorcycle Accidents: What Should You Do?

If you find yourself on the road after an accident, wondering what to do, follow these steps:

  • Remain Calm

A motorcycle accident is extremely stressful. However, if you are involved in one, it is important to remain calm and collected. This will help prevent the situation from escalating and allow you to communicate with emergency personnel clearly and effectively.

  • Call 911

Because motorcycle accidents so often result in serious injury (even if you cannot tell immediately), you should seek emergency medical help. Dial 911 and answer their questions calmly and thoroughly, so they know where to find you and how to help. Police will come and will be helpful in documenting the scene.

  • Document the Scene

If you have not sustained any obvious serious injury, use your phone camera to document the damage and assess what happened. Speak with any eyewitnesses who can offer explanations of what they saw, and write down their contact information. This will be very important when it comes time to file an insurance claim.

  • Find an Experienced Attorney

As friendly as insurance adjusters may be, their job is to give you as little money as possible for your claim. If you are not careful, you may not get enough money to cover your medical bills. In a situation like this, it is important to have an attorney familiar with Idaho motorcycle accidents.

Idaho Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

At Hansen Injury Law, we know the law concerning Idaho motorcycle accidents. We regularly represent injured motorcyclists and help them get the compensation they deserve. If you think you have a case or have questions about motorcycle accident law, we are here for you! Please contact us today for a free initial consultation about your case.

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