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Are you a “germophobe?” This is a common term for people with a fear of bacteria and germs. This fear actually has a scientific name — mysophobia. While the world may not be as dirty as this fear suggests, germs cover a lot of the surfaces we touch on a daily basis. Many of these germs are harmless, but sometimes bacteria can cause serious health problems. In this post, we identify some of the most commonly dirty surfaces and what to watch out for.

Dirty Surfaces: Where are They?

Many of the objects we use daily are covered with germs. Some of the dirtiest surfaces include:

  • Cell Phones

Cell phones, especially smartphones with touch screens, are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. We touch them and press them against our cheeks, transferring bacteria from our skin to our screens. Since our hands collect bacteria from all of the surfaces we touch, our phones end up collecting all of these germs, too. If you are looking to curb the effects of dirty surfaces in your daily life, start with your phone. Several companies offer phone-cleaning solutions.

  • Shopping Carts

Shopping carts — especially their handles — pick up tons of bacteria. With hundreds of people using a single cart each week, carts contain diverse forms of germs. In addition, the food and other objects we touch at the store have their own bacteria that is then transferred to the cart. Consider wiping down your cart handle with a disinfectant wipe before shopping.

  • Wallets and Bags

Stuffing heavily-used cash and cards into wallets makes for another common dirty surface. Bags — especially women’s purses — pick up germs when left on surfaces like bathroom floors. Be careful where you leave your bag and take the time to wipe out your wallet sometimes to avoid germs.

  • Remotes

Constant handling means television remotes are ripe with bacteria. You may not be too concerned about the remote in your own home, but what about in hotel rooms? Just like with shopping carts, consider wiping down remote controls with a wipe before using them.

Can Dirty Surfaces Be Harmful?

Yes, they can. But fortunately, the majority of bacteria found on these surfaces are harmless. Some germs, however, can cause sickness and infection. There are simple habits that you can form to help avoid this. Wash your hands regularly and keep a pack of disinfectant wipes with you that you can use to clean commonly dirty surfaces like shopping cart handles.

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