In personal injury cases, much of the decision comes down to determining who is liable. If a person’s negligent actions cause injury, then they can often be held legally responsible for the damages they cause. However, the issue of injury liability can sometimes get tricky. In this post, we discuss how liability is determined, and how it can affect your injury claim.

Injury Liability and Negligence

Negligence plays a large role in determining injury liability. In accident cases, negligence often means that a person did not follow proper safety precautions and as a result, another person was injured. Here are a few examples of this type of negligence.

  • If you roll to a stop at a red light and the driver behind you slams into the back of your car, they may be liable for the costs of your injuries and other damages.
  • If you are seriously injured by a faulty kitchen appliance, then both the manufacturer and the seller of the appliance may be liable.
  • If you are injured while trespassing in a construction zone, you will likely be found liable for your own injuries.

Of course, decisions on injury liability vary from case to case. The general link between negligence and liability is not an absolute rule. If you have questions about injury liability in an accident, the personal injury attorneys at Hansen Injury Law can help you find an answer.

Idaho Accident Attorneys

Determining injury liability is a huge part of any accident case, so it is important to get it right. Doing this on your own can be extremely difficult, especially if you are trying to recover from injuries you suffered in the crash. Fortunately, an experienced accident lawyer can help you take care of your case. At Hansen Injury Law, we pride ourselves on providing the best injury representation available in Idaho. We are experienced winning large settlements for our clients.

Our top priority is making the injury claims process as smooth as possible for you. We offer several free legal resources to help do this, including a free initial consultation for injured claimants. This consultation allows you to get honest advice from an injury lawyer about your case, without any financial obligations. You can also order a free copy of our book, The Idaho Accident Book, which contains explanations and answers to many common questions about accident law. We care deeply about helping our clients. If you have been injured in an accident, please contact us today!

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