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Winter can be an especially dangerous time to drive, particularly in Idaho. One of the best winter driving safety measures you can take is to keep a driving emergency kit in your trunk. The best kits contain all the essentials to fix minor car issues, signal for help, and keep your family safe and comfortable if you crash or become stranded.

Assembling Your Driving Emergency Kit

Your driving emergency kit should help you get back on the road if you get stuck, or at least keep you comfortable and safe until help comes. Consider the following things when assembling your kit:

  • Visibility

Visibility is especially important at nighttime or during a snow storm. If you are stuck or in an accident, you need to be sure that other cars see you and that you can see your surroundings. Include a good flashlight and emergency road flares in your kit.

  • Tool kits

Whether you buy one pre-assembled or just collect your favorite tools, a tool kit can help you get back on the road. Be sure to include screwdrivers, pliers, a pocketknife, and an adjustable wrench.

  • Survival essentials

For winter driving, this goes beyond the typical snacks and water. In addition to food and water, stock your trunk with blankets, hand warmers, and any other cold weather gear you think could come in handy.

  • First aid

A first aid kit is absolutely essential. A basic kit typically costs less than $20, and it can save your life if you are in an accident.

Hopefully, you never have to use your emergency driving kit. But having one will be extremely helpful if you ever run into trouble on the road.

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