When a new hit song comes out or a new dance craze is sweeping the country, you may hear people say that it is “spreading like wildfire.” This phrase exists for a reason — wildfires spread extremely rapidly. Recently, illegal fireworks caused a fire to start in the Table Rock area of Boise. This fire eventually burned over 2,600 acres and destroyed a home. This fire goes to show how important it is to understand the basics of Idaho fire safety. Under state law, only certain types of fireworks are allowed, and local governments often use burn bans to try to minimize the risk of wildfires. At Hansen Injury Law, we see firsthand how accidents like fires can seriously injure innocent people. In this post, we outline some of the essential points about outdoor fire safety in Idaho.

Idaho Fire Safety: Fireworks

Fireworks are an American pastime. Whether celebrating the 4th of July, New Year’s, or some other special occasion, fireworks are exciting for all ages. However, they are also potentially dangerous. Idaho law only allows certain kinds of fireworks to be used by the general public. These include what state law calls “nonaerial common fireworks.” These are small fireworks that do not leave the ground — including spinners, fountains, and sparklers. In order to be legal for use, fireworks must be designed to not leave the ground, and not send sparks over 20 feet high or wide.

Even while using legal fireworks, accidents can happen. We encourage you to always keep safety in mind. Make sure to supervise any children and follow manufacturer’s directions exactly. Through our work as Idaho injury lawyers, we often see how simple mistakes can lead to serious injury. The National Council on Fireworks Safety offers a helpful guide to preventing accidents.

Burn Bans

Illegal fireworks may have ignited the Table Rock wildfire, but the environmental conditions helped it to spread. To make matters worse, it was a hot day and the grass and other plants around Table Rock were very dry. Fireworks, hot temperatures, and dry conditions are a recipe for disaster. In order to minimize these disastrous fires, local governments often issue burn bans. Burn bans can affect campfires and many other types of outdoor burning. If you are planning a camping trip or some other activity that may require fire, check to see if there is a burn ban in effect. You can do this by checking your area’s status online.

Idaho Accident Attorneys

At Hansen Injury Law, we care about representing accident victims. Negligent actions, such as the use of illegal fireworks, can lead to serious injury. Taking proper Idaho fire safety precautions will go a long way towards preventing accidents.

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