During your daily commute or at other times on the road, you probably have seen the aftermath of car crashes and other accidents. In these situations, you may wonder if you should stop and help. This decision is difficult for many reasons. What if you are hurt while trying to help? And what if you try to help someone and accidentally make the situation worse? That thought causes many people to avoid stopping to help at the scene of an accident. However, there are laws which protect people in this very situation. Idaho Good Samaritan laws protect individuals who stop and render aid after accidents. These laws exist to encourage people to help accident victims who may be in need of immediate assistance.

At Hansen Injury Law, we represent accident victims whose injuries may have been reduced or avoided if someone had stopped to help them. In this post, we outline the basics of Good Samaritan laws.

Idaho Good Samaritan Laws: The Basics

These laws exist in many states across the country. Basically, they provide legal protection for people who give first aid to victims at the site of an accident. The law states that a person who gives this type of aid is immune from liability and damages that may occur.

The types of accidents that can be covered by Good Samaritan Laws vary from state to state. Idaho Good Samaritan laws are fairly broad. If you stop and give aid at the scene of an accident, it is likely that you are covered by the law. Some states use these types of laws to help people suffering drug overdoses. These laws grant immunity to people who call for medical help when they witness an overdose — even if they are involved with the drugs themselves

However, Idaho Good Samaritan laws do not grant total protection. If a person is giving first aid and is negligent in how they treat the victim, they can be held liable for injury and damages they cause. If you stop to give first aid at an accident scene, keep it simple and be safe. Let medical professionals do the more intensive work once they arrive.

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