Injury Lawyer

No one wants to be in an accident. No one wants to get injured. No one wants to go through the trouble of getting their life back after they have taken a big hit. No one wants this, but accidents still happen regardless. When they do, you might be tempted to move away from it, trying to forget that it ever took place. But the best thing you can do is push through it and make the most of a bad situation. Get the medical help you need. Talk to your insurance company and don’t settle for less. Finally, talk to an Idaho injury lawyer. It might be hard to know what the right situation is to hire a lawyer, so we want to help you understand when it can most benefit you.

Accidents and Injuries

In 2014, there were a total of 22,134 motor vehicle accidents in Idaho. That is an average of 424 crashes every week! These accidents ranged from minor fender benders, to major, life-changing collisions. With the sheer number of accidents, it is bound to happen to everyone sometime in their life. Most of these crashes include two things:

  • Property Damage (your car, your bike, etc.)
  • Personal Injury

These cost money. Usually, they cost a lot of money. While property can be replaced, some injuries last a lifetime. This is where an attorney can help. If, however, during your accident you don’t get injured, then you probably don’t need to hire an injury attorney. Makes sense. Not all of us are that lucky. Even minor crashes can result in long-term damage due to whiplash or other factors. If you were injured, then it is probably a good idea to talk to an Idaho Injury Lawyer about your case.

Why Should I Hire an Injury Lawyer?

Accidents happen and insurance companies know this. We want to be prepared for the worst, so we buy insurance because it will help us when we need it most. But the insurance business doesn’t make money by giving you money. If you get in an accident they will try to give you as little compensation as possible. By hiring an attorney, they can fight for the full compensation you deserve. Here are a few common cases in which it is a good idea to consider an attorney:

If you have been in an accident, call us today. We will evaluate your case for free to help you understand if you even need an attorney.We are experienced Idaho Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand that accidents are stressful, so we will do all we can to help make the process easier.

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