We love summer, but we hate allergies. Sadly, sometimes these two things go hand in hand. While allergens come in many shapes in sizes, if you are experiencing allergies now, the culprit is most likely pollen. This is because in Idaho, July to October is harvest season for barley, hay and wheat. Each of theses crops releases thousands and thousands of pollen spores that fly through the air and into your nose.

What Can You Do?

The best answer is allergy medication. For summer allergies there are plenty of over-the-counter solutions from antihistamines to nasal sprays. These medications aim to prevent allergic reactions from happening and stop them if they do. If this is not enough, however, it may be time to see a doctor and get something stronger. In some cases they may prescribe strong medications or even recommend allergy shots.

Stay Inside

We expect pollen to come in the spring with the bloom of trees and flowers. That is okay. That stuff is pretty! It may not be as welcome when it is the result of a harvest. We can expect pollen counts can be high during these summer months too, so one solution is to stay inside. Websites like pollen.com or weather.com offer pollen forecast to give you the leg up on your allergies.

Enjoy Your Summer

Many people are able to keep their allergies in check. Remember to take medication if you need it and if you are experiencing symptoms,  go see a doctor! Don’t let the harvest scare you away from enjoying the outdoors. Have fun and be safe.

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