Summer is the season of fireworks. There is something special about firing up the grill, eating a burger and watching the colorful and patriotic bursts of fireworks with your family. It is simple, but we look forward to it every year. Idaho is also home to some of the most spectacular and professionally designed shows. We want to let you in on the secret of where you can find them and get the most out of this season of fireworks.

However, before you pull out your lighter and begin to light up a show of your own, it is important to review the Idaho firework laws. The words to remember are non-aerial and non-explosive. That means as long as your fireworks stay on the ground and don’t create an explosion then you are okay. Firecrackers, while they remain on the ground are not legal. Products that are allowed include:

  • ground spinners
  • fountains
  • sparklers
  • smoke devices or snakes designed to remain on or near the ground and not to travel outside a fifteen foot diameter
  • fireworks that emit sparks or burning material that doesn’t exceed twenty feet in height or diameter.

Now, here are a few of the best shows:

Boise – Ann Morison Park

Each year the city of Boise puts on a professionally designed Fourth of July fireworks show at Ann Morison Park. The show runs for 20-25 minutes with a self proclaimed “over-the-top” finale. You will also be able enjoy a parade early that morning along with other shows near Boise, in Caldwell and Eagle State Park.

Idaho Falls – The Melaleuca Freedom Festival

This show also happens around the 4th of July. Not only will you be offered an amazing fireworks show, but the Melaleuca Freedom Festival also sells tickets for a banquet dinner and a symphony concert. It is a great way to celebrate and honor the lives of those who serve and protect our country’s freedom. The Freedom Festival claims to have the largest fireworks show west of the Mississippi. It is considered one of the best shows in the nation, so you don’t want to miss it!

Pocatello – Bannock County Fairgrounds

The Greatest Show in Idaho!!” This 4th of July celebration is one for the entire family. At the fairgrounds you can enjoy games, local food, rides, activities and at the end of the day, the largest fireworks show in Idaho!

It seems there are a few firework shows here in Idaho that boast they are the largest. Which one is right? You will have to just go find out! Happy 4th of July!!

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay and Christels