summer driving hazards

Summer driving hazards are real. It is only natural to drive faster and be generally more relaxed at the wheel during the summertime. That combination can lead to danger on the road. Summer is a historically dangerous time to drive, and many accidents happen during the summer months.

8 Summer Driving Hazards


  • For many cities, tourists bring increased traffic and a greater chance for car accidents. 1 in 3 fatal crashes occurs during the summer.
  • Plan your travel time, get on the road early, and be patient in summertime traffic.

Driver’s Education Students

  • Summer is the time many teens get out and start driver’s ed classes. Car accidents are the #1 cause of death among teens in the United States.
  • Drive defensively and be mindful of student drivers.

Road Construction

  • The warm months of the year are prime for construction. Unfortunately, much of that construction involves local roads.
  • Obey work zone speed limits and be extra cautious around construction equipment and debris.


  • Casual road-trippers are more likely to snack while driving. This can cause them to lose focus.
  • If you are driving, avoid eating food which requires significant use of your hands.

Flash Flooding

  • Dry, sun-baked ground sometimes causes flash floods, which are dangerous to drivers.
  • Drive slowly during flash floods, and pull over if the water becomes too high. Avoid quick turns, starts, and stops which may cause your car to hydroplane.

Overheating Engines

  • Summertime is not just hard on drivers; it is one of the hardest parts of the year for a car. Overheating can damage your engine and cause your car to break down.
  • Pay attention to maintenance lights, keep your oil up-to-date, and inspect your car before road trips.

Eye Strain

  • The bright summer sun may help you get a tan, but it can also blind you while driving. Reflections from other cars, mirrors, and signs impair vision and strain your eyes.
  • Do not look directly into glares, and wear sunglasses if necessary. Make sure that your sunglasses do not block your peripheral vision.

Tire Pressure

  • Your tires’ air pressure will increase in the heat. Make sure your tires are inflated to no more than the recommended psi.

We hope you enjoy a summer full of vacations, road trips, and relaxation. Follow these guidelines to stay safe and avoid common summer driving hazards.

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