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Now that summer is around the corner, pools are going to start opening up. Swimming is a great summer activity, but it has its dangers. Drowning accidents are the 5th-most common fatal accident in the country. They can happen anywhere, including public and backyard pools. Make safety your top priority this summer, and learn how to prevent drowning accidents.

Leading Causes of Drowning Accidents

Weak Swimming Ability

  • Many people are not strong swimmers — including most young children. A lack of swimming ability can make accidents in the water much more dangerous. If you or your children do not know how to swim, it is a very useful skill to learn. Many cities, including Boise, provide swimming lessons for interested residents.

Failure to Follow Safety Guidelines

  • Most swimming areas have specific safety rules. Swimmers are often responsible for their own safety, which means knowing these rules is essential. Make sure you know how deep the water is, and what safety equipment is available. Avoid swimming just after eating, and do not swim if you are tired. Horseplay and other reckless activity can quickly lead to drowning accidents.


  • Being drunk prevents you from doing pretty much anything safely. Drunk swimmers increase their chances of accidental drowning by 10-30%. Don’t drink and swim.

Inadequate Supervision

  • Swimming alone is very dangerous. In pairs or groups, stronger swimmers can stand by to help in case of an emergency. Unsupervised children can easily fall into a pool or venture too far into a body of water. Even if a swimming area has a lifeguard, do not assume they can see everything. Watch out for yourself and for your fellow swimmers.

Bad Weather

  • Especially when swimming in a lake, ocean, or other body of water, bad weather is a hazard. Water levels can rise quickly, lightning can strike, and changing currents can drag swimmers under. Avoid swimming during inclement weather, and if you can tell that it’s coming, head for dry land.

Even if all of these steps are taken, drowning accidents may still happen. Do your part to minimize their chances by using extra caution when you and your children go swimming.

If you are injured while swimming due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a case for compensation. If someone you loved died as a result of that negligence, we can help you recover a wrongful death settlement. Contact us today for free answers to your questions.

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