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Spring and summer are associated with renewal and boosted energy levels, for good reason. Sunlight can cause your brain to release chemicals which help you stay focused and happy. Your increased energy can be put to good use in Idaho — there are many ways to give back to your community during the warmer months. Here are some tips on being active and getting involved in Idaho:

Ideas for Getting Involved in Idaho


  • Jogging and running can be very beneficial to your health — especially your heart health. One fun and easy way to get into running is signing up for a race. Races motivate you to train regularly and set goals. They are also a great choice because many of them, such as Pat’s Run, raise money and awareness for charities.


  • Dancing is a fun way to exercise and get involved in the community. Grab a friend or family member and sign up for a city dance class at your local recreation center. You can find classes for many types of dancing, from ballroom to salsa.

Sports Groups

  • Bring out your inner athlete by signing up for a local sports team. Many cities in Idaho have opportunities for various sports. This is a great way to get active, make friends, and do something new.


  • Volunteering does great things for your community, and can keep you happy and fit in the process! Active volunteering projects, like painting and cleaning, keep you engaged and moving. Look up volunteer opportunities in your area to find ideas about getting involved in Idaho.

Get Outside

  • Spring and summer are great times to enjoy Idaho’s hiking and mountain biking trails. We are blessed with stunning mountains and terrain that make being active fun and beautiful. Our state has endless trails for walking, jogging, hiking, and biking. Find an interesting one today and appreciate the beauty of Idaho while getting fit.

By being active and getting involved in Idaho, you can do good for yourself and your community. Spending time outdoors and volunteering anywhere can keep you on your feet while giving you a glimpse of how great Idaho is.

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