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Ever been confused at a roundabout? The “Magic Roundabout” in England is actually made up of six of them! Luckily, we don’t have to deal with that in Idaho, but roundabout laws are still a big question in many people’s minds. Understanding the rules of special types of intersections can help drivers avoid accidents.

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The first roundabout in the Boise are was built just 10 years ago in 2006. Construction of the circular intersections continues to increase throughout Idaho. What are the laws and rules of roundabouts?

  • You must yield to drivers already in the roundabout before entering.
  • You must follow the circle regardless of your intended direction (straight, right, left, U-turn).
  • Always keep moving — never stop in a roundabout.
  • If a roundabout has two lanes, enter in the right lane if you need to turn right. If you need to turn left or U-turn, enter in the left lane.
  • You can use either lane if driving straight through the roundabout.

4-Way Stop Intersection Lawsintersection laws

The 4-way stop intersection is extremely common, but also frequently confusing. The basic rule of a 4-way stop is “wait your turn,” which many people are not very good at doing.

  • Stop completely. If you are planning to turn, use your signal.
  • Look for pedestrians and let them cross.
  • Continue driving when it is your turn to do so; that is, when other cars that arrived before you have all cleared the intersection.
  • As we mentioned, many drivers are impatient. Be cautious and don’t expect everyone to follow the rules exactly.

Intersections are some of the most dangerous places on the road. Do your part to prevent accidents by following traffic rules, including roundabout laws. Be extra cautious to minimize the danger posed by reckless drivers.

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