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Why do dogs bite? What kinds of situations lead to bites? What can we do better? We often represent clients who were bit by a dog they thought was gentle and friendly. It is dangerous to assume that you can always read and predict a dog’s behavior — just one of the many common dog bite myths. In this article, we will help debunk some of these myths and keep you safe.

5 Dog Bite Myths Debunked

Wagging Tail

  • Most of us have heard that a dog is happy if it is wagging its tail. This is not always the case.
  • A wagging tail can convey many different messages.
  • Dogs show emotions through different types of tail-wags. For example, if a dog is relaxed and wagging its tail casually, it is likely happy. If a dog’s posture is rigid with a high, stiff tail-wag, it probably feels threatened.

Dog’s Mouth Cleaner Than Humans?

  • NO!
  • Just take a second and think of the things that may have been in your dog’s mouth.
  • Both human and dog mouths are very dirty and contain lots of bacteria. Both dog and human bites can lead to infections.

2,000 Pound Dog Bite?

  • There’s a rumor going around that a strong dog’s bite packs 2,000 pounds of pressure. However, recent research suggests that it’s closer to 200-500 pounds.
  • A dog’s jaw could not withstand 2,000 pounds of pressure.

“One Bite Rule”

  • Some states have a “One Bite Rule,” which means that a dog owner isn’t liable the first time its dog attacks someone. This is not the case in Idaho.
  • Idaho dog owners are responsible for anything their dog does, even if it is unexpected.

“Don’t worry- he’s neutered.”

  • Another popular dog bite myth is that neutered dogs don’t attack. While it is true that neutering has been found to reduce aggression, it doesn’t always help.
  • Neutering your dog does not guarantee that they won’t be aggressive.

Dogs can be a man’s best friend. But they can also be dangerous. A dog’s breed, temperament, quality-of-life, and physical condition can affect their behavior. Don’t believe all of the dog bite myths you hear, and always be cautious around any dog.

If you are attacked by a dog, we can help. We have experience with dog bite cases and know how to get victims the compensation they deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Photo Courtesy of Skeeze and Pixabay

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