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A few weeks ago, the Idaho legislature voted against a health insurance bill. If it had passed, the bill would have expanded access to cheaper healthcare for millions of Idahoans. However, the practices contained in the bill were expected to cost $30 million per year. Despite the bill’s failure, there are still plenty of health insurance options in Idaho.

Health insurance policy can be confusing, and changes significantly based on your situation. Deciphering the differences between federal, state, and private health insurance options in Idaho takes some time and effort. But it’s possible and very important! In this post, we break down some key aspects of the health insurance issue:

Health Insurance Options in Idaho: Federal-level


  • This is a federally-funded program which provides health coverage to the financially disadvantaged. It is available to certain individuals whose income falls below set limits. You must fall under one of these categories to be eligible:
    • Under 19 years old
    • Pregnant
    • Adult with a child under 19
    • Age 65 or older
    • Blind or disabled


  • This program is similar to Medicaid, but is specifically for senior citizens age 65+, and some younger people with certain disabilities.
    • Recipients must also be legal residents who have lived in the U.S. for at least 5 years.
    • You must have worked and paid the appropriate taxes for at least 10 years.

Health Insurance Options in Idaho: State-level

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Why You Need Health Insurance

Health insurance may often seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is extremely important. Its protection can completely alter the consequences of an injury, disease, or disability.

There are several health insurance options in Idaho, and each have their pros and cons. Make decisions about your health carefully and with the advice of professionals. Contact us today if you have insurance-related questions about an injury or accident. We are dedicated to representing your rights.

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