There are few things as common to everyday life as driving. We may not often think about it, but making sure to keep a current driver’s license can save us from unnecessary headaches. A speeding or parking ticket can become something much larger if we forget to renew our license. We’ve broken down the crucial steps to getting a driver’s license in Idaho:

Keeping a Current Driver’s License in Idaho

Teenage Driver's License

Getting a first driver’s license is an exciting time for a teenager. In Idaho, there are several different kinds of permits and licenses for teenage drivers.

  • Supervised Instruction Permit
    • Teenagers in Idaho can get this permit once they reach 14-and-a-half years old
    • You must get this permit before you can start driver’s ed
    • This permit will be revoked if you break any traffic laws while using it
  • Driver’s Ed
    • Complete a Driver’s Ed course and 50 hours of supervised driving, including 10 hours at night
  • Learner’s Permit
    • To drive with a learner’s permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old
    • Always have your SIP with you when you drive
  • Underage Driver’s License
    • Must have completed Driver’s Ed and be at least 15 years old
    • You must pass a written road safety test and a driving test
  • Full Unrestricted Driver’s License
    • A teen driver can get a full unrestricted driver’s license in Idaho starting at 16 years old.
      • This depends on when they started Driver’s Ed, when they got learners permits, etc.

Check with your local office for details about obtaining permits and licenses.

Renewing a Driver's License in Idaho

Renewing your driver’s license in Idaho is a pretty simple process. An adult between the ages of 21 and 62 must renew their license every 4 or 8 years, depending on how long they chose to renew it the previous time. When your license is expired, you can renew it by mail or in-person. If you’re going to the DMV, save time and make an appointment.

  • By Mail
    • Request and complete a renewal application form
    • You can only do this once every 8 years
    • One you receive your new license, destroy the old one
  • In-Person
    • Take your current license to your local office
    • Take the necessary tests and pay the fees
Applying as a New Resident

Moving to Idaho? Here’s what you need to do to apply for a driver’s license:

  • You can have your driver’s license from another state converted, as long as you do it within 90 days of moving to Idaho
  • If you don’t make it within the 90-day window, visit your local office and apply.
  • Pay the fees and pass the written and driving tests

If you have any questions about getting the right driver’s license in Idaho, or need help after an accident, let us know. We will do all we can to help.

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